[partner_accordion][partner_accordion_content title=”How can you do all my legal work for, say, $1,000 per month?”]During the interview process we will explore how much work you are likely to need and confirm a monthly fee (typically $1,000 for pre-revenue businesses). This fee is for the named business only and does not include work for individuals or other businesses. All our work is done remotely, which helps us to keep overheads down.[/partner_accordion_content][partner_accordion_content title=”Is there a minimum commitment?”]Yes we normally require a 12 month commitment, as this enables us to manage the work / fee balance and keep the monthly fee low.[/partner_accordion_content][partner_accordion_content title=”What happens if I need more work than anticipated?”]We will discuss changing your plan (by increasing your monthly fee) or charging you for additional work on a fixed fee basis.[/partner_accordion_content][/partner_accordion]